DX knotted chain in the fight against corona

  DX knotted chain in the fight against Corona
During this Corona crisis all kinds of measures are devised everywhere in our country to prevent the spread of the virus. And this increasingly entails all kinds of practical challenges that require a quick solution. Due to the diversity of applications with DX commercial chains and the associated accessories we see that these products are widely used in Corona measures. Our knotted chains for example. Previously very widely used in agriculture and greenhouse construction, now also widely used in the fight against Corona.

Knotted chains as suspension system
In order to protect the staff of a shop, it was devised in March to hang a plexiglass screen at the checkouts and service counters at various supermarkets, hardware stores and other shops. For the attachment of the screen to the ceiling, a knotted chain DIN 5686 is used in combination with S-hooks (see photo below). These plexiglass screens are now very appropriately also referred to as cough screens.

Knotted chain to prevent theft
Some people really go to extremes when it comes to their own health. This was evident when it was in the news that at the end of March that disinfectants were being stolen from hospitals due to the lack of disinfectants at the drugstores. To counteract this theft it was thought to secure the disinfectant bottles on a DX knotted chain DIN 5686 (see photo below).

Delivered and processed quickly
These kinds of measures are often devised on location in the short term; A new challenge arises for which a solution must be found immediately and which requires a bit of flexibility from all parties involved. The request for the knotted chain came to us in the middle of the afternoon and could be delivered from stock that same afternoon. Due to our ample stock position combined with the flexibility of our partners, the chain could be processed at the locations within 24 hours.


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