New: Black DX Telescopic windowstays

New in black: DX Telescopic window stays
The Dulimex range of black window and door fittings has become even more complete! The most common size DX Telescopic window stay 30 cm is now also available in black.

Black colors for a modern interior
For a trendy, industrial, but also chic look of the interior, black frames and black lacquered window- and door fittings are a perfect solution. Particularly interesting for homeowners, because the trend of black interior elements is still continuing in residential construction. In addition to housing we also see a lot of black lacquered fittings in for instance hotels, wellness resorts and restaurants. Hinges and locks are only a small part of the interior, but it gives a certain extra, a kind of finishing touch.

One solution for your windows and doors
We already introduced black covers for rim cilinder bolts and casement fasteners. A black window stay is therefor a logical addition to our range. Because the telescopic window stays (type RUZT) are part of our window & door fittings program of for instance casement fasteners (type RBM-series) and rim cilinder bolts (type SLS), design, material, color and finish are perfectly matched. In short: one comprehensive solution for your window and door frames.

When will they be available?
We already have them on stock in our warehouse in Vaassen. For technical specs and important assembly instructions we refer to the information in our webshop.

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