Upgrade packaging DX cable ties

  Upgrade packaging DX cable ties Our DX cable ties have been given a new look! The bag is provided with a color sticker, with the same color scheme as the concept cards in our store concept for chain, steel cable, rope and accessories; the DX KST Concept. And this certainly benefits the presentation on the shelves of the hardware stores!
At this moment a quarter of the range is equipped with the new sticker. Depending on our stock positions, the rest of the range will also be provided with the new DX appearance in the coming months.
Demand from the market At store designs with the DX KST Concept, our account managers were often asked whether a retail meter could also be fitted with cable ties. Due to this question, we started thinking about an upgrade for the packaging. The upgrade should have little or no impact on the resale value of the cable ties and should be in line with the concept cards of the accessories. By changing the white barcode sticker to a color sticker, these two conditions are met.
As a result of this change, our packaging now has a sleek, clear and easy recognizable DX look!

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Get an impression of the DX KST Concept® here